White Space? in Graphic Design Theory Class 5

White Space? in Graphic Design

Hey Everyone, Here’s Class 5 of Graphic Design Theories. This is 4th video of 7 parts about Graphics Visual Elements. White Space? in Graphic Design

In this video you will learn about visual element Space, which is a very important element. Many new students never consider about space in their designs which results a very cluttered design. I will be showing you some examples of good usage of space in graphic design.

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It’s All Space White Space? in Graphic Design

Unlike the other elements of design that can be used in different parts of a composition, space exists in every part of your creation. Real space is the two-dimensional space on your paper or canvas. These are the real areas where you add your different objects and elements. Illusory space, however, is the perception of depth you create by the way you place different objects in your composition. It goes by many different names, but it essentially means that you are making your design appear to recede into a distance that isn’t really there.


In graphic design, “white space” refers to the space that surrounds the elements. You may find the term “negative space” here and there, indicating the exact same thing. However, this space is neither white nor negative. It’s simply the space in a design and it can have any color, texture or pattern. White Space  Graphic Design

White space is used to:

  1. Help the eye scan a design/text
  2. Increase legibility and readability
  3. Create a certain aesthetic/mood

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