Visual Element SHAPES AS A Element of Art Class 3

Visual Element Shapes

Visual Element SHAPES AS A Element of Art, Hey Everyone, Here’s Class 3 of Graphic Design Theories. This is 2ND video of 7 parts about Graphics Visual Elements.

Visual Element SHAPES AS A Element of art. in this class you will learn about 2nd visual element of graphics, that is Shape. The angles and curves of shapes appear to change depending on our viewpoint. Then all these shapes can be Positive and Negative. I will show you some good examples of usage of shapes so you can understand shapes and learn how to study an artwork.


The Behavior of Shapes: Shapes can be used to control your feelings in the composition of an artwork:

  • Squares and Rectangles
  • Circles and Ellipses
  • Triangles
  • Inverted Triangles

The Visual Element of Shape can be natural or man-made, regular or irregular, flat (2-dimensional) or solid (3-dimensional), representational or abstract, geometric or organic, transparent or opaque, positive or negative, decorative or symbolic, colored, patterned or textured.

Most of the art we see is two-dimensional: a drawing. A painting a print or a Photograph. Most two-dimensional art tries to create the illusion of three dimensions by combining the visual elements to a greater or lesser degree.

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