Visual Element LINE – Usage of line Class 2

Visual Element LINE

Hey Everyone, Here’s Class 2 of Graphic Design Theories. This is 1st video of 7 parts about Graphics Visual Elements. In this class you will learn about 1st visual element of Graphics, that is LINE. A line is the most basic element which is used for Hierarchy, Connection, Movement and Decoration. I will be showing you some images which uses Line element for above mentioned purpose. By looking at different artwork you will understand the usage of Line in Graphic Design.

These Elements are so basic you might think Visual Element LINE that what’s the point of studying all this. Well in fact these videos will be helpful next time you design an artwork, you will be confident to use any element for a purpose.

Types of Lines

Lines do not have to be perfectly straight, but if you’ve ever watched a toddler scribbling, you already knew that.

  • Vertical Lines: These are perfectly straight lines extending up and down.
  • Horizontal Lines: These are also perfectly straight lines, but they extend side to side.
  • Diagonal Lines: Again, these are straight lines, but their direction has both a vertical and a horizontal direction.
  • Curved Lines: These lines bend so that they are not perfectly straight.


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