The Best Powerful Android Apps 2020

The Best Powerful Apps

Hello Guys My Name is Farhan Khan And  i am back with another amazing article Powerful Android Apps and today we are going to talk about some amazing android apps which you should must try and these apps are really amazing and useful and full of fun.


Whats-app Fake Chat:


This app is also amazing for playing prank with your friends.From this app you can easily create a fake chat which in reality not exactly happen.When you open this app you can create fake profile and edit everything like profile picture,contact name and send/Receive Text.

Key Features:
  • Fake voice messages.
  • Fake calls.
  • Full new emoji support.
  • Seeing is believing
  • Fake profile.

Net Cut WiFi Controller:

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Powerful Android Apps 2020; Net Cut Pro for Android devices , 4.1 to 8.1, is available to download from Arcai website. It incorporates speed control, user report, one-click “block all”, IP search, slow and fast scan modes, random fake MAC address. Note: it requires Root Android to run on a phone/tablet/device.

I’ve been using Net-cut for a while now. My reason for using this site is my family does nothing but streaming Netflix and surfing Facebook watching videos while not even paying attention to what’s on Netflix, effectively using up all of the bandwidth.

It seems simple enough to use, you can either use the slider bar to set how much bandwidth a device is allowed to have or cut it off completely. Net-cut also let’s you see the IP address, MAC address and names of any device that is connected or has ever been connected to your WiFi network for as long as you’ve used the site.

This is very helpful because you can see if your neighbor is leeching off of your internet and slowing you down or not. You’re able to see the name of any device that has been set on that device or you can name it yourself so you know for sure which device is which.

You can download this app from the following link.

For Android


For Windows

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