How to Spend your time During quarantine

How to Spend your time During quarantine

What is Quarantine: How to Spend your time During quarantine 

Hi Friends, It is better to be grateful than to pronounce yourself lucky, and other lessons from quarantine.

When a person has been exposed to a source of a communicable disease, we don’t know if they have been infected or not. so that person is placed in some form of quarantine, for at least one incubation period for the illness we suspect s/he has been exposed to. 

In the first phase of the corona virus quarantines, we spent a good deal of our time fretting about how we would fill it. we had so many hours, suddenly, so we scheduled Zoom meetings and Zoom support groups and Zoom concerts by the fistful. we scheduled and we Zoomed so much that we ended up spending the next phase of the corona virus quarantine so fully exhausted by our Zoom schedules that we longed somewhat for the relative peace and quiet of the time before.

How to Spend your time During quarantine  The word is old, and comes from “40 days” in Italian. “Isolation” is quite different. This is when we keep someone away from others because we know they have the disease and can pass it on to the rest of the population.



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